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Mastermind: WC Mastermind: WC

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Laughing all of the way through. Especially the end.

Game had a few glitches though that you obviously know about. Fix the henchmen thing though. I wanted to get a new henchman but my old one never died.

The game pretty much played itself after you got to a certain point. I ended the game with about a half million dollars and full troops on the moon with everything bought. It basically came down to deploy 30 troops on the field and let the others handle the missions. And when one dies, simply buy another and instantly deploy them.

But all in all it was a very fun game. Mad props to you my friend.

The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Well Done

Finally a game that appeals to my logic ability AND my insanity. Very well thought out questions. For the people that do not understand the question, think before you answer, the answer is not always as it seems.

It is very logical though on many questions and they are not as random as they appear but some are. The ones people are complaining about are logic questions and not random questions. For example, the 7 letter in "the alp h abet" is h. "Its the end of the world'!' " the exclamation point is at the end of the word world. 24-7 IS 17 just look around for the 17. Coloring BOGGY might have to do with his name. Its number 42 just might be an actually good hint. You really have to remember the thing on question 50.

All in all a very good quiz and puts others to shame. Don't bother puting in checkpoints. The quiz is not called "The Impossible Quiz" for nothing. Anything to make it harder should be done. Definately not for the faint of heart. Once again very well done.

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NSG007: NG Quiz NSG007: NG Quiz

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Wow I feel like a nerd after that...

9/10 when I first finished it and the second time. I always thought that they went too easy on flash submissions so I put the lower score for the submission passing. Well I feel weird that I read all of the history of Newgrounds and actually remembered all of it. Good job cause you got people thinking. And for the stopping sounds you use a stopAllSounds() actionscript on the frame you want the music to stop on. I put it on the loader and have the replay go to the loader for the simple version of it. I think thats what you were looking for... I dunno. Good job overall but nothing to new. I gave you a 3. Decent. Nice work.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Nice job! I think I'd have gotten around 7ish before I made the thing (though it's obviously hard to be certain) and I'm level 14!

Cheers for the script. I knew about that function. It's more that I wanted a button to turn it on/off. I'll find out how to do that though, I guess...

Glad you got some enjoyement out of it.

Cheers for the review.

Stay funky!

Nevermore 2 Nevermore 2

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The graphics look AMAZING for the background

Animation for running is so so, could not find out what to do though. Was this just a beta? If so enter it in the alpha section. Put the controls with actual labels next time because I didnt know what they were or what they did. I guessed on space and the arrow keys and click sometimes sortof left me with thinking when. I dont know if this had anything other then the bar background. Its coming along good though. But I had to blam on the account that it doesnt seem like its finished yet. Good graphics. Finnish it and resubmit.

adamskii responds:

hmmm.. perhaps if you spent alittle less time writing essays and alittle more time playing video games you'd have figured out how to get past that fist level. oui?

Synch Synch

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Decent job

Only because the lips synced to the loudness of your voice. They had no breaking technology or anything. amusing for a while. add maybe a custom character and not have the voice repeat in flash because that got annoying cause it echoed. possibly a record function and add more animations for different sounds instead of just volume of voice if you can. Good Concept though. I dont think I have ever seen anything like this online before. Good to bring something new to the table. Good Job.

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MouseGame MouseGame

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Stats were Time : 1078.457 And Deaths: 73 Not extremely hard but Mainly I got lucky on the hardones like 1 or 2 times in. Really Hard. Last wasnt too hard except for you had to restart after you died. I gave you 10 humor because of the writing after you died because whatever you died from is usually up there. Great game. Keep up the Great work.

johnfn responds:

Haha, great job. Certainly took you a bit ;)

I'm glad that you liked it!

Spuzz.Maze.v1 Spuzz.Maze.v1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good Game

Impossible to beat. The 2nd water level has a opening the size of like a 1000th of a millimeter. If it is possible to get through it then congradulations, your hand is the steadiest on earth and your hand eye coordination is a force to be reckoned with. Try making it beatable next time.

Xune responds:

yea, but i beat wasnt that hard.... comon you can make that 0.001 MILIMETER cant you?LOL

Sim Hell 2.0 Sim Hell 2.0

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun for a few minutes

The game was fun for the few minutes that i played it in order to test out all of the possibilities. Worked ok but i dont like the slow reaction to your movements. Sort of gave it a drag instead of a glide and it made it hard to fling him. Good job because it had some entertainment. Keep up the good work.

Freedom! -BETA- Freedom! -BETA-

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Seems to be coming along

Some things to work on, (dont know if you are or not), are the feet animations, and a bit with the controls. I just feel it would be easier for some buttons such as the shift, control, and space bar would be better then the 1 - 6 and possibly take out the Q button for quality and put something more for gameplay as those are more comfortable in my opinion. Yet again I dont know what you are working on but those are some suggestions for you. Good job so far.

Bleiz responds:

Thanks alot, well, i would use control or shift. But remember Window's sticky keys. I hate that. :s

Thanks though!

simple/quick/tutotial simple/quick/tutotial

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not the greatest flash tutorial out there

Seemed a bit vague on some aspects like something you might think of as common sense but others do not know what you were talking about. When making a tutorial you have to be VERY specific in order to be a good one. This means explaining every little detail no matter how simplistic you may think it is. Other then that, not a bad tutorial in that something could be possibly learned from it if the person was not new to flash. Good job.

kray responds:

well at least you was honest, thx 4 the review anywayz